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04-04-2013 - CBP holds off on Furloughs and Overtime De-authorization


On Monday April 1, 2013 US Customs and Border Patrol announced that furloughs and overtimes de-authorization would be postponed, The Washington Post reports. 

Acting Commissioner of CBP Tom Winkowski sent out a letter to employee’s stating that the appropriations bill that funds CBP for fiscal year 2013, that was signed by Obama last week will allow them to alleviate some of the impacts from Sequestration.  

There was no mention of how long the furloughs and ban on overtime would be postponed. Winkowski said in his letter, “in light of the new funding bill, we are re-evaluating previously planned furloughs and de-authorization of Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO), and will postpone implementation of both changes pending that re-examination.”

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