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10-26-2012 - FDA Food Facility Re-Registration Period Opens Oct. 22


The Food and Drug Administration has announced that the food facilities re-registration period under the Food Safety Modernization Act will open at 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 22. Facilities can register online, via mail or by fax, but the FDA encourages online registration. To assist with this process the FDA has made available an updated guidance document that is available here.

Under FSMA §102, all domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, pack or store food, food ingredients, pet foods or dietary supplements are required to renew their registration with the FDA before the end of 2012 and to re-register every two years thereafter. This represents a change from the registration requirement for food facilities originally established in 2002 under the Bioterrorism Act. According to the FDA, the FSMA improves the registration process by ensuring that the agency has accurate contact information for each facility and including on the form new categories of foods that will help the FDA rapidly communicate with the right facilities in the event of an emergency.

Those affected by the new registration requirements are reminded that FSMA also imposes new burdens and potential liabilities on entities designated as U.S. agents to foreign food facilities. One of these liabilities stems from FSMA §107 concerning re-inspection fees. It is believed that in 2013 the FDA will begin charging $289 per hour for the time it devotes to re-inspecting foreign food facilities. The party the FDA will hold responsible for paying these invoices is the U.S. agent. Geo. S. Bush & Co., Inc. is not in a position to act as the U.S. agent.

For more information, please visit the FDA website, contact your Geo. S. Bush representative, or