About Us Overview

Since 1888 Geo. S. Bush & Co., Inc. embraced the international trade community as a provider of services catered to importers and exporters. Good fortune certainly played a role in our longevity. Although, one cannot dispute the fact that our commitment to the international community is a larger attribute of our ongoing success.

We are one office of less than fifty people. However, we are confident when competing with the largest service providers in the industry. Embracing automation, a quality global network and a company absolutely dedicated to investing in our people define our success. It is engrained within our culture that we possess the knowledge and resources to provide our clientele with exceptional service.

Looking to the future we see changes in our business model. Such change is a sign of the times as changes in the regulatory environment are swift, automation moving at light-speed and competitive forces catapulting us to be better. Our business model remains static in our dedication to our clients and the fact that we will remain a “small” privately held company. One in which our next 120 years is contingent upon exceeding the expectations of our clients.