Services Order Management

Our philosophy is that a successful transaction begins with the planning and management of a clients purchase or sales order. In most instances this involvement is prior to the issuance of a finished order or order acknowledgement.

  • What is the most practical INCOTERM for my risk tolerance?
  • What is the products HTS classification?
  • Will import duties and fees deplete my margin?
  • Do barriers exist to export or is a license required?

These are but a few questions that should be answered prior to committing to buy or sell product internationally.

Order management services continue throughout the supply cycle from inception through payment. Making sure the product shipped on time, agreed upon prices were invoiced, commercial documents meet the order specification and all parties fulfilled their obligation are attributes of successful order management.

Our systems are designed around the philosophy of order management in that they take advantage of information that is available early in the cycle. This information becomes the catalyst for accurate and expedient import or export of your cargo.