Trade Compliance International

Extending our knowledge and expertise beyond the USA borders is paramount in international transactions. With our focus on the export and import requirements of foreign countries we strive to eliminate delays and costs associated with non-compliance. This is accomplished through years of international experience, knowledgeable staff and a proficient global network.

Import personnel focus on the documentation requirements to comply with Free Trade Agreements as well as CBP, USDA, FDA, CPSC and other government agencies. Having the required documents in advance of cargo arrival is essential as it is the first step to eliminating delays and additional costs. The foreign manufacturer or supplier is obligated to support declarations made by the USA importer. We can assist by establishing procedures that, if followed, will ensure you as the importer are compliant.

Our export personnel verify the documentation requirements for the country in which you intend to ship your product. Required documents are then prepared in compliance with the regulations imposed by the receiving country. From a customer service perspective it is imperative the buyer of your product is poised for expedient customs clearance.

As your success in the international arena is our goal we provide direct access to our professional, competent and qualified global network. Please feel free to utilize our network via (GLA Network).