Trade Compliance Import

35% of our import staff holds a current Customs Broker License!

Perhaps the most costly mistake in the import supply chain is a failure to abide by the vast array of regulations that govern these transactions. We understand the competitive business climate and time sensitive requirements of efficient inventory. Through this understating, we focus our efforts on process development. Taking the time to define the process eliminates the need to make compliance compromises at the time of import.

The four most active government agencies overseeing imports are: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). Agency names may be misleading as FDA expands beyond food to plates, bowls, toys and more. And USDA’s oversight is not restricted to agricultural based products, but to every shipment that contains wood pallets, crates and the cartons in which your product is packaged.

Our 120 years in business are a direct result of our compliance effort. Training is paramount and education ongoing. Our clients benefit from our insight and complete understanding of the complex array of import regulations.

As an importer you have a minimum of five years of financial exposure! Comprehensive documents to support each transaction are required for five years from the date of entry.