About Us History

We are proud to tout over one-hundred and twenty years in business. Yet humble in knowing we are here today because of the vision and values of our predecessors.

We were issued the thirty-eighth customs brokers license in The United States. To this day our companies CHB License Number is 038 and one of the first issued to a company west of the Mississippi. Despite the company’s name, Geo. S. Bush was not the founder. Mr. Ben Lippincott founded the company in 1888 here in Portland, OR.

In addition to Mr. Lippincott and Mr. Bush the company was fortunate enough to have a pioneering woman at the helm for nearly four decades. Ms. Mary Muir is reported to have been the first licensed customs broker in the world! A glimpse into her personality may be attained through reading the following article published in the February 1924 edition of Sunset Magazine.