Technology Government Interface

The core component of our operating platform is proprietary software designed exclusively to accommodate the data attributes associated with international transactions. A wholly owned subsidiary, Imagin Trade Software Solutions, Inc., constructed the module using the latest versions of Microsoft products. The end result is a solid, flexible platform in which modification to adapt to your business is quick, efficient and under our control.

Systems are integrated with government agencies to facilitate the electronic filing of entries to CBP, USDA, FDA and FCC for imports. Our export systems automatically review the denied person/entities list and electronically report Electronic Export Information (EEI) and Census statistical information. Such integration provides for expedient release as electronic notification is provided from each agency.

As the worldwide-web evolves several agencies deployed web-based modules designed to accommodate specific aspects of an international transaction. FDA prior Notice and CBP Steel Licensing requirements are facilitated via such portals. We are registered and proficient at filing entries via these portals and in many instances our systems are integrated to avoid rekeying data.