Resources Education

Throughout the past decade the regulatory environment governing international trade has changed considerably. National security, consumer protection and information collection and analysis propelled new regulation effecting exporters and importers. Staying abreast of current regulatory initiatives and choosing qualified, competent service partners is imperative in today’s climate.

Active support and participation in industry associations is a primary means of ongoing education. The National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, Pacific Coast Council, Columbia River Brokers and Forwarders Association among others are exceptional resources.

Participating in government agency training and outreach is yet another means of ongoing education. The Annual Trade Symposium and C-TPAT seminars administered by CBP in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Councils annual Mission to D.C. provide first-hand knowledge of the rules, regulation and expectations placed upon importers and exporters.

Internal training is ongoing and our schedule is committed to a minimum of one session per month. Additional sessions are offered as key initiatives are implemented. We encourage importers and exporters to establish internal training and we are happy to facilitate such training or provide materials as necessary.